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the act of or attempted act of killing degenerate spics in order to clean up ones neighborhood or city.
I plan on doing some spicstermination today, my neighborhood is getting a little overrun.
by cardboard to death September 10, 2009
A person that is to stupid to qualify as a moron. Someone whos lack of inteligence is insulting to most human beings. A person with no excuse for wasting oxygen on our planet.
That guy is the biggest moroff I've ever seen!
by cardboard to death September 13, 2009
A question uttered in rapid style when a person realizes their business is in the crapper and their going to lose everything they worked for.
Whatthefuckhappenedtotheeconomy? I'm losing my shirt! Where did all the customers go?
by cardboard to death September 28, 2009
The real and inescapable fear that most of us will never get to collect a dime out of a system we spent a lifetime paying into.
I think I have Social Insecurity, because Uncle Sam denied my disability claim.
by Cardboard to death September 09, 2009
A person who used to be considered normal who has taken on the characteristics of the morons he hangs out with is said to be moronified.
Dave is really moronified now that he spends all his time with Pete and Joe.
by cardboard to death September 25, 2009
When a man exhibits behavior akin to a female ie backstabbing, acting like he's on the rag,whining,moody ect.
Bob is acting really cuntiferouse lately!
by cardboard to death September 10, 2009
A distinct hatred of all Latinos,Blacks,Asians ect. This fear is usually brought about by expierences in dealing with,living near,working around or running across either in the news or thru word of mouth.
Ever since my house was broken into and I got mugged I have been suffering from minoriteephobia. I can't stand them!
by cardboard to death September 28, 2009
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