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~Your feelings for that special person, whether s/he knows it or not. When you see them, suddenly, everything in the world is alright, no matter what's going on in your life.

~The feeling you get being around that person, even though you know that that feeling could lead to a broken heart, but you don't care, because that feeling is the best feeling in the world.

~The feeling so often confused with infatuation or "like" for another person.

~The word so often used nowadays by a person to play you into giving the person what he wants.

~The feeling that makes you want to say so many things, but you can't say them all because there are no words to describe how you feel.

(Just a bunch of thoughts of mine about "love")
*Guy walks into the room*
Girl 1: I'm guessing from the way your face lit up that your boyfriend just walked in?
Girl 2: Yup.
Girl 1: Well, you must really love him.

Guy: I can't even begin to tell you how much I love you, because if I tried, I would end up repeating myself and sounding really corny.
by caramelle February 14, 2009

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