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phrase that pretty much means 'of course'.

can also be used to express excitement.
Pedro : Did you draw her a picture?
Napoleon Dynamite : Heck yes I did.
by carachaos September 01, 2004
1) a great song by a ska band, the planet smashers

2) a mass sex shindig!
"did you hear? chelsea is throwing a super orgy porno party! you should go, it will be great."
by carachaos September 01, 2004
a few hairs above a young boys mouth. indication that the kid has just now hit puberty.
nothing special, and it looks stupid.
DIRT LIP! shave it off! dirt lip! this has got to stop... dirt lip! just wait 5 years! its not a mustache, its not a beard! - big d and the kids table
by carachaos September 01, 2004
short for crucial.
the zeros just make it more nerdy.
"d00d r u going to the XbloodwillfallfromtheskyandwewillslurpitupandthenvomitX show? its gonna be S00ooO CR00SH!"
by carachaos September 01, 2004

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