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when u need a bag to be ripped off crane will be there,
when u need sum1 to tell u its the dank and its regs crane will be there,
when u need sum1 to not throw down on the blunt and expect to light it first crane will be there,
when u crane's gf needs to be ripped off on a bag crane will be there,
oh yea and that time crane screwed our boy over, he craned it up and said he had no bud then after he smokes him out other peeps drop by and crane busts out bud, yea pretty crane, get what i mean that fuckin guy who was in the click and was jus tolerable enough to keep around until he bailed on us for the west coast yea so yea that was it from there
insults: cranus, cranefuck, cranologist, crane, cranabus, etc. u can come up with more we do.

example sentences:
1. dont be a fucking crane!
2. stop craning around!
3. hey i need sum bud is it that cranabus?
4. that fucking crane ripped me off again!
5. i took a big crane in the toilet the other day, than i wiped my crane with sum crane.
6. oh man i jus craned my pants!
7. theres always gota be that crane at the party.
8. crane u! u fuckin cranus!
9. i jus got craned!
10. im in a hurry stop craning around.
by captnredeye420 September 07, 2011

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