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Brandon McCartney realized that hip hop today has more haters than there are people who praise what they actually like. So he hit the mall, swagged himself up, and went to work writing hilarious, self-conceited raps ever. Through websites like MySpace and Twitter (this was back when MySpace was a thriving community and the success of Facebook was a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg's eye) he gained an online following and now has 5 albums out, thanks to the haters.
"Hoes on my dick cause I look like Jesus" -Lil B
by CaptainHurpDurp October 12, 2011
An excellent ending to an amazing series. I almost shed a tear several times in the campaign.

If you're good, multiplayer is more fun and addicting than any other Gears game. It's also a more serious choice for hardcore gamers too. Just because you have a KD of 10,000 in Call of Duty doesn't mean you'll be good at Gears of War (sorry, no camping here.).

Best game yet of 2011, as of the date this was written, and probably one of the best Xbox 360 exclusives that you'll ever play.

For those who aren't concerned about the campaign but are curious about how it ends, this is what happens:

Dom dies saving the crew from the Locust/Lambent, the crew finds out immulsion is a parasitic life form that turns whatever comes into lengthy contact with it into a mindless zombie, Adam Fenix (Marcus' dad) dies after setting off a neutron-type bomb that kills only immulsion after injecting himself with it to see how it spread, The Locust Queen dies, Marcus and Anya repopulate the world together, and Carmine survives. There, you now know the major plot points of the Gears of War 3 campaign.
by CaptainHurpDurp October 02, 2011
An online community dedicated spefically to marijuana. The best of it's kind. (there are also a chillout zone section where you can talk about music, relationships, or just anything in general.) Some users can be pricks, but that's true of any forum. Also has the best headshop on the internet.
I am a regular blade on the Grasscity forums.
by captainhurpdurp November 21, 2011
In weed terms (could apply to any drug, though), when you pay for a certain amount of product and get less than what you payed for. Or, in my case, when you give someone money to bring you back some bud and they never bring you back any at all, and say they "forgot it". Moral of the story is, kids, never front money.
I gave Malik twenty dollars for a gram of dank in English class and the next day he dropped out of school. I got skimped.
by Captainhurpdurp December 01, 2011

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