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Western European nation, with a rich culture and history. Member of NATO, the EU, and G8. Has a GDP/capita of about 30,000 euros. Famous for its wines, cheese, women, xenophobes, Eiffel Tower and Napoleon. Had tense relations with Germany and Britain in the past, and is presently despised by many Americans. Ironically, France provided major assistance for the USA during the Revolutionary War, and also gave them the Statue of Liberty, one of America's most well-known symbols.
Before pointing out that the French are cowards who surrender quickly, consider what France did during the Hundred Years War, the Napoleonic Wars, or WWI. Still, that DeGaulle guy was a douche.
by captainfugu June 17, 2007
The act of having sex by yourself, sort of. Chances are someone in your vicinity is doing it at this very moment.
Masturbation should be king.
by captainfugu June 17, 2007
A person who is addicted to working, to the point where their life consists only of work and sleep. They have very few friends, if any, and some rarely see their own families.
Workaholics often suffer from fatigue, sleeping disorders, stress and stress-related ailments, and some eventually work themselves to death. Workaholics are a common sight in some East Asian countries, but are less prevalent in North America and even less in Europe.
Jimmy neglects his family so he can spend more time working, he's a workaholic.
by captainfugu June 18, 2007
A Muslim religious nut. Basically, an Arab who is frustrated by the shitty living standards of his own country, and gets brainwashed by the equally shitty government into thinking it is the West's fault. Some actively resist the "invaders", and subsequently get shot, incinerated or blown up. All in the hopes of banging virgins in Heaven.
Al Qaeda did 9/11, killing 3,000 Americans. America & Co. then retaliated, resulting in more than 100,000 Arab deaths in Iraq alone. And still Islamists claim they are winning this war.
by captainfugu June 17, 2007
White Nigger or Wannabe Nigger. Usually refers to white people who act ghetto: they dress like rappers, speak in ebonics and look like general dumbasses.
Note: wiggers are NOT to be confused with white people who actually lived in the ghetto and behave as such. See Eminem.
Wigger: Word up, nigga!
Normal White Guy: Dipshit.
by captainfugu June 17, 2007
The largest fast-food chain in the world (and for a reason, quit bitching about how their food is "piss poor"). Theyve got some pretty good food (fries, nuggets, etc), but most of it is unhealthy and eating too much of it will eventually make you fat. As a result, McDonalds is frequently bashed/sued by fat fucks who are too inept to keep themselves on a healthy diet.
Also targetted by communist hippies because its a big corporation, and big corporations will eat your soul.
And they've got a shitty marketing campaign (Im lovin it: that sounds gay)
McDonalds is a fast food restaurant.
by captainfugu June 17, 2007
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