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1. Noun - Is the bassist for OK Go. Met lead singer Damian Kulash at summer camp when they were 12. Wears wicked black rimmed birth control glasses. Rocks super hard. May actually be the second coming of Christ.

2. Adjective - When something is super wicked and awesome in only the coolest, quirkiest way possible.
1. Hey look! It's Tim Nordwind!

2. Oh that jacket is total tim nordwind. You should totally buy it now.
by captaineri March 16, 2007
1.) Eight-year old protaganist of Home Movies.

2.)Creator and writer for Home Movies and Metalocalypse as well as voice actor for many of the characters. Pretty funny guy.

3.)The reason women have orgasms.
Along with Damian Kulash and Edward Norton, he completes the triumvirate of college-aged girls' objects of sexual fantasy.
That would be the real-life man, not the eight-year old cartoon.

1.)Brendon had made many movies with his friends Melissa and Jason.

2.)Brendon Small is the voice of 3/5 of Dethklok.

3.) Do you really need it explained? I mean, it's pretty obvious: Women between the ages of 18 and 24 wish for him to ravish their bodies.
by captaineri June 24, 2008

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