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3 definitions by captainculo

Someone that was born and raised in Lyon County Kentucky, lives in a trailer or doublewide and drives a bmw, corvette or kit car.

Someone whos car is more valuable than his house, rides a four-wheeler with a racing pipe through neighborhoods without a thought of whether he is disturbing the peace or not.

Some mullet-head or shaved headed redneck that claims to be a rebel and flies a confederate flag outside his shitty r.v. that he lives in with his atv parked in the yard.
Ron lives in cedar hill r.v. park, what a white trash piece of lyon county shit.

Fat ass rednecks on atv's are the biggest white trash of all.

mackenzie is a shitstain, white trash fuck.
by captainculo May 11, 2008
anyone running for president
That hillary- she's a real shit stain.
by captainculo May 11, 2008
a white woman who likes licking the cream off the balls of black men for lunch.
Michelle used to be cool, but now she's a brown bagger.
by captainculo May 11, 2008