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when ur ass is so hairy that it poses a hinderance to wiping the shit off of ur own ass and so u have clumps of shit hanging off the thick hairs
"fuck man my dangleberrys were so bad i had to get my mum to cut them off"
by captain_stabbin May 03, 2004
when u sit on a toilet backwards so that when the shit hits the dry plaster it wil leave a long "snail trail" which is a nice surprise for the next person to see
"hahaaha james just saw the crocodile slide i left for him in the toilet this morning"
by captain_stabbin May 03, 2004
A mad television show that shows people how to curl their hair and what bra size they are, hosted by four hot - ass bitches (simone is the hottest)
fuck man, those bitches on girl tv make me wish i had 4 dicks
by captain_stabbin June 22, 2004

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