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a female who is a nympho that will lie,cheat,steal and main objective in life is have sex and do drugs. they are very good at talking a man into giving them what they want without giving anything in return unless they are sexually attracted to you. they love to cheat on their mates cause they love to be sneaky and even when caught red handed will still deny whatever it may be.they are also very dangerous they are known to drive men to become violent,depressed, suicidal,and heartbroken and they only think about themselves and no one else
my girl Tiffany is such a trifilin skeeza she disappears at night to cheat on me with her bosses(more than one)for a pair of shoes and 20.00 for a sack of dope. then the bitch gets caught and said it aint what it looks like we were just hanging out. Tiff that trifilin skeeza sold me a fake sack of dope after i helped her move out her house
by captain wont save hoe April 07, 2009
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