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A term referring to early refridgerators with an adjustable cooling motor that resided on the 'fridges top part. Far more efficient than today's shoddy fridges
You have to check out this monitor-top fridge I found in my attic!
by captain wiggly January 24, 2004
A small normally friendly dog, speculated to have descended from an elder species somewhere in mexico
Come on chico! Good chihuahua!
by captain wiggly January 24, 2004
A person who decides to shell off current technology, and live in the past. They do things like replacing DV cameras with super8 cameras,tossing out overly "advanced" video games, replacing them with atari 2600's, as well as tossing out CDs, and replacing them with good 'ole records. They aslo change they're clothing wearing 80's trends, and doing things like growing mullets.
I'm a retroist!
by captain wiggly January 24, 2004
A very disturbed, and or deranged person. Normally they babble, or speak in tongues/pig-latin
Wow, that hobo is on sick little monkey!
by captain wiggly January 24, 2004
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