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n. absolutely completely one of the worst things one can say about anything. 42354 times worse than bullshit.
"The Album 'MC Hammer: Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em" is the biggest bunch of kiddie porn this side of the Mississippi"
by captain utah May 06, 2003
phrase. what one says to an individual who is attracting shitty folks to your vicinity. you want them to wave "the bone" (which has his/her attention) in the shitty person's face to tease him/her, then throw it so the shitty person will chase it like a retarded canine. i.e. billy is with franky and "shitty" saw franky and came up to talk. shitty is quickly wearing out his/her welcome and you urge franky to rid your area of this obcene creature by "throwing the bone" thereby ejecting the undesireable from the situation.
Everytime we're at Denny's with Max, we hav eto ask him to throw the bone so fuckwads will stop standing at our table talking.
by captain utah May 06, 2003

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