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1 definition by captain delicious

when you go to your local kroger's or handy andy and buy a big tub of manteca (lard) then get a girl back to your place and you both dip your feet in it. Then you put your erect, manteca-covered toe in her vagina until she oozes. Then she masturbates you with her goopy feet until you squirt your man chowder. It feels like heaven and if you do this once a week it will improve your outlook on life.
Devin: Hey sweety can you stop by handy andy on your way home and pick up some manteca?
Jason: Why are you cooking?
Devin: Nope. I wanna foot fuck.
Jason: That sounds great! Isn't life swell?
Devin: Yes! Yes it is!
by captain delicious December 21, 2009