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3 definitions by captain cash

when a guy nuts in a girls mouth and slaps her in the back of the head making her eyes squint "resembling a chinese lady" the girl coughs up the nut making it look like egg nog on the side of her mouth.
Dude, i could be in the Sahara Desert, but no matter what i would never drink chinese egg nog.
by captain cash November 28, 2009
when a really fat man and two really fat women have a threesome in a brick house (or apartment)
Ew gross! I saw three little pigs yesterday, they forgot to turn the lights out.
by captain cash November 28, 2009
When your girl is pulling her eyes sideways like a chinese person, a male puts one of his testicles in her mouth while slapping her in the face with his penis.
dude that asian girl i picked up yesterday totaly orderd a chinese egg drop.
by captain cash November 28, 2009