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while engaged in anal sex your partner fatigue sets in blowing in the asshole may regain stamina,or end up sending shit in your face 50-50 chance
david's mom fell asleep so i gave her a alabama brown betty
by capt. syphilisis July 28, 2008
two fat people,during sex while in missionary position
while watching porn i notice two fat people beating guts
by capt. syphilisis July 28, 2008
for this to happen you need a bathroom, uncontrollable shits and a blond girlfriend
after shitting close the toilet lid ,engage in sex (unannounced) lift the toilet seat flip her over putting her head in the bowl of shit and flush...if quick enough piss down the back to gain extra points
hey i gave lou-ann a blond chunk swirly, after hanks bad chili
by capt. syphilisis July 28, 2008
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