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2 definitions by capt morgan

A delicious back-side
Damn girl you butt is rumpalicious!
by capt morgan March 01, 2009
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Shitbaggery: ˈshē-ət-baggə-rē• /verb, an act of a worthless,

offensive, or detestable person.

Also, may be the the actions of a Shitbag, Douchebag, Ahole, or loser that wears flip flops all year, no matter what the weather conditions are.
Jen's X-boyfriend drinks and ends up banging loser chicks, that is nothing but shitbaggery.

Zippy felt bad because he got caught red handed in a shitbaggery act in Kenneth City.

Some women are actually attracted to, and want a man to act shitbaggery towards them.
by Capt Morgan May 14, 2012
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