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One who despises douchebags. This person will typically try not to do anything he has seen a douche bag do.
I am a non douche bag because, I can't stand douche bags.
by caponet1 April 28, 2007
The guy on the other side of the bar giving creepy looks at the girls you are sitting with. Usually he will mistake your talking about him as being interested. This person may delusionally follow women to the restroom and wait for them to come out. He will probably run to the bartender whining like a little kid when he gets totally C-Blocked when you protect your friend by waiting with him.
Geneva says: Why does that guy keep staring at me?? He's got creepy eyes!
Tony says: Because he's a douche bag!

A little later..

Tony says: That douche bag just followed Geneva to the bathroom.
Lynn says: Go over there quick!
by caponet1 April 28, 2007
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