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The best and most winningest team in all of sports to the point that people get jealous of their success and type dumb shit like they pay umpires to win games. Must be those laughable Boston and Phillies fan.
Yo Chris of Philly. You can only wish your silladelphia sillies born in the 1800 had a 3rd of the success that the Yankees had. And ya better stop sleeping on Harlem on your way to law school.
by capital of the world, NY September 14, 2004
A website where the guys who run it must be from Chicago. Since they're scared to post my factual definition of Chicago. They know the truth hurts.
Urbandictionary needs to stop violating my freedom of speech. Everyone post definition of a city that's disrespectful. Mine is factual that you can actually research.
by capital of the world, NY November 29, 2004
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