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A seriously overpriced whore, may or may not be worth it
"don't bother, you can't afford the Blairbo."
by cant touch this November 28, 2007
a town of approximately 3 square miles located about 15 miles north of boston. known for the invention of marshmellow fluff, regardless of what lynn says. the kids are known for either imitating the gangsters or preps of neighboring towns on either side of them. the town has 5 beaches, and during the summer you can find almost everyone you know at one of them. overall a great town, especially at high school sports, where the usually dominate their town rival, marblehead, in all the sports that matter (ie. football). you cant get much better than this.
Swampscott, home of the Big Blue, can't get any better.
by cant touch this November 12, 2007
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