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a girl who likes to hav fun wit the opposite sex and gets wat she wants easily usuali an orgasm from the boy(s)
boys also call girls this as a sign of thinkin they are better than the girl.
usuali called this by people of the same sex because of jealousy or to cover up what they are doing themselves. Also can b used jst as an insult even if the person that they are tlkin bwt is frigid bcz they hav no dictionary
girl 1:that girl is such a fuckin slut
girl 2: didnt she get wit tht boy u like?
girl 1: shut up she onli got wit him cz shes easy
girl 2: wait... didnt u giv him head tht tym u went 2 the cinema wit him
girl 1: hus friend r u mine or hers?!
by cant tap this baby August 14, 2007

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