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A title given to a man who is performing greasearch.

Usually a sneaky and manipulative guy that is good with the ladies, although he already has one - a girlfriend.

If you see a greasearcher in action at a bar, it would be in your best interest to stay far away...
"That guy is such a greasearcher, i bet he's like that every time he goes to the bar"
by cant fool me March 21, 2010
The act of scouting out greasy girls in various social venues, most typically bars and nightclubs.

The greasearcher could be collecting data for himself or for his buddies to increase their chance of success when approaching the targeted girls.
Girl 1: "Uh oh... it's so obvious that that guy is doing greasearch"

Girl 2: "That's disgusting, I hope he gets caught by his girlfriend!"
by cant fool me March 21, 2010

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