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3 definitions by canibeyou

Slang used to describe a very yucky person.

Very + Yucky = Vucky.
Example: Your wife is nice and all... but in the looks department... she's just vucky.

Example: I thought that chick was pretty from behind, but when she turned around, whoa, she was... beyond vucky! Boardering on wickedly so!

by canibeyou December 23, 2008
Word used to describe a stunningly beautiful woman.

Not a diva, but a deeva.

She was deevalicious to the point that I could just lick her!

by canibeyou December 23, 2008
Hottest psychiatrist on TV. Played by the hawt Deidre Hall on Days Of Our Lives. She only loves John Black and really wishes Roman (the one played by Josh Taylor) would just curl up and die already.
If he could, John Black would spend all day in bed fuckin' his Marlena.

Marlena Evans is a cougar. I'd lay on her couch any day.

Can also be referred to by the nickname "Doc".
by canibeyou December 23, 2008