30 definitions by cangh jui

When alls of your hairs falls on the ground and yous bald
Nice a chromus you deeg
by Cangh Jui May 24, 2003
Given a bads time or bad a things a happened to you
Ive been nipsied
by Cangh Jui May 15, 2003
The ways i say what are you
Whadaouu..some kind of a fugging deeg
by Cangh Jui May 28, 2003
some a guy who has ass like persons lipps
loog out, you gonna get kissed by a giant asslipz
by Cangh Jui May 17, 2003
A person who get a off fugging a yams
what are you, some kind of yam fucker
by Cangh Jui May 15, 2003
whens you loves an ass or a hiney
nice arseluvva you is
by cangh jui November 12, 2003
Whens a someone puts an ass right on you face
thanks you fugger I no likes ham sandwich
by Cangh Jui May 15, 2003

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