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originated from quebec, "tabernak" is an insult useing the churches "tabernacle" as a swear word.

-i should know, i live in quebec...
j`men tabarnak de toi!
by caneh?dian December 30, 2004
WTF is wrong with these people none of you get it right, punks are NOT skaters with pirceing who listen to alternative rock or any other of the bullsh!t you discribed. Punks are a group of people who belive in anti-government and are useally involved in anarchist groups(not saying that all are) also punks listen to, yes punk, but not just ordinary punk that you hear on the radio.(that stuff is SH!T emo and songs that have no value) but music that talks about the exploitations of ower government and what really goes on in the world. NEXT TIME YOU NOOBS POST SOMETHING TRY AND RESERCH IT BEFORE INSTEAD OF POSTING INCORRECT SH!T!
no example, just a statement for all you morons!
by caneh?dian December 30, 2004
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