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1. A very young male who attracts many young females. Used a somewhat of a compliment.

2. An older male who exclusively dates girls that are too young to be dating. Basically used to refer to somone as a sicko pedophile loser who can't land girls his own age.
1. "Damn, little Jimmy gets all the fine bitches. He's a playground pimp"

2. "Did you see the 12 year old Dave brought to the party? That mother fucker is a playground pimp."
by candyskull April 22, 2009
1. A term to act as a contrast to something you'd rather not do.
2. A horriably painfull experience.
"Are you going to fuck that girl Mary?"

"I'd rather give myself a grapefruit spoon labotomy than fuck Mary!"
by candyskull April 22, 2009
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