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Somebody who is down with getting high. (Usually from smoking Pot)
Dazed and Confused (1993)
Slater: You cool man?
Mitch: Like how?
Slater: OK.
Pink: He was asking if you get high.
Mitch: Yea like smoke pot?
Pink: Yea.
by candice D May 11, 2005
1.When you reach the tip of the blunt after you have been smoking it for awhile.

2.When you roll up a very small thin piece of cardboard and stick it into the tip of a blunt in order for a better hit.
"This dutch tastes like straight ass, it's tippy."

"Hey man, can you hand me your cigarette box? I need a tippy."
by candice D May 11, 2005
A term usually used by young African-Americans(mostly males), used in order to figure out if the person they are speaking with wants to "step" to them.
"You tryna mack on my girl dawg? So what's up?!"
by candice D May 11, 2005
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