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A total fail of a 'couple' to ever to grace the manga panels. It is a 'couple' paring that involves Orihime Inuoe and Ichigo Kurosaki in the Japanese manga called "Bleach". Statistically speaking of Tite Kubo's (the author) solid objectives in terms of pure romance for one another involving these two characters is: 100% Orihime, sub-zero for Ichigo-------that's right the 'ichi' is completely non-existent in 'ichi'hime but let’s just go along with it for the sake of "fanfic is canon!" mind-set of 'ichi'himes.

Orihime is a girl with a teen crush on Ichigo, which 'develops' in to a supposed love that will only last for 5 lifetimes........sooooo....what happens after said lifetimes, you ask?...*she becomes a lesbian* *insert rjw: ZING!* (no, no, she becomes a nun...NOOO, she meets Ulquiorra as a human in their 6th life-time. BINGO!) *kidding!* or am I...... *eyes maniacally squinting* And then after she confesses her louv to a unconscious and half-dead sleeping Ichigo she goes on to make Ichigo's worst nightmare come true... what is it you ask?..oh gosh, nothing at all...just-that-he-lost-his-humanity-and-attempted-to-kill-his-friend-by-stabbing-him-with-his-own-sword-and-hard-smashed-"his princess'"-face-on-the-rock-hard-ground (lol) thereby she helped her louv-of-5-life-times remit into his most severe/ deadly case of personality disorder ever known in the Bleach universe. *that's true love for ya!*
by can read Kubo's drawings June 13, 2011

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