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A gesture made by clenching both fists, extending the left and right pinky together simultaneously, and placing the fists side-by-side, resulting in an exaggerated form of the traditional "horn hand"/rock hand signal. Often done to convey a sense of irony.
"Duuuude! That Darkness album is frickkin' sweet... it was TOO MUCH ROCK FOR ONE HAND!"
by campfirewood October 04, 2004
Mid- to Late-90s sketch comedy, aired late nights on HBO. Created by Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, who began collaborating while working on <i>The Ben Stiller Show</i>. Part pre-taped show, part live performance, <i>Mr. Show</i> was praised for its willingness to break with conventions and follow its own twisted muse, launching the careers of Odenkirk, Cross, Jack Black, Tom "Spongebob Squarepants" Kinney, and other alternative comedians.
Mr. Show freakin' rocked. Did you see the one with "We're Earthlings, Let's Blow Up Earth Things"? Genius.
by campfirewood June 22, 2004
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