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camila said drunkard, mouli saw drunkward. mouli has bad eyesight?
a drunkward is just another one of those g-thug twin produkshunz, and is just a drunk mogo.
mouli is a drunkward
camila loves that drunkward.
by camilalala September 14, 2007
a word the g-thug twins came up with...because of the sexier twins(camila) bad spelling. another word for a mofo...hahaha
i love my mogo twin.
by camilalala September 14, 2007
mouli goes-camila you look mad G,thug, in those glasses and sweater.
camila goes-IM G-thug.

camila's an idiot, and misunderstood mouli's ghetto speaking habits.
you look OD g-thug.
g-thug twins biatch.
by camilalala September 14, 2007

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