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3 definitions by cameron maugh

an abbreviation for who gives a shit anyhow?, a popular sayin back in the 50's.

ironically theres a train station named after it.
hey man, my cats sick,


no im too poor to pay for the ticket.
by cameron maugh February 05, 2008
abbreveation of laughing in my head.-funny, but you make no laughter, i have made this to replace "lol" because noones really laughing out loud.
me: i sneezed.
me:thats not funny, there's no way you laughed in real life.
me: thats more like it.
by cameron maugh December 17, 2008
someone who disciminates or doesnt like racists. only racists can be racist, and if you choose to be racist against a racist, well then welcome to the ranks bro.
racist: you goddamn mexican!

racist racist: hey you inconsederate asshole! you have no right to belittle their people you racist!

racist:how dare you be racist to me!

racist racist: huh? i wasnt!

yes you were you were bringing me down just because i was being myself and persecuting a mexican. Therefore you were being a racist to me.

racist racist: oh shit, your cyclical logic makes perfect sense! I must be a racist against racists!

racist:well good for you! you can now claim you official membership as a racist!

racist racist:wait... what?

racist: listen either join us or keep your mouth shut! or your a racist too, understand?

racist racist: i cannot beleive this! damn it! i guess ill let you go back to being a racist.

racist: your damn right you pasty-faced asslicking whore!
by cameron maugh August 06, 2008