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to boast; to brag; to put others down and talk oneself up in an arrogant way.
He chirped all day long but couldn't deliver the goods.
by Cameron March 05, 2005
A day in which beer, football and turkey are celebrated and/or devoured.

Many times, drunk people will give thanks for the success of their team.

This word may have had a different meaning before modern times.
no example
by Cameron December 01, 2003
a shirt worn when ready to fight rival gang members
i put on a white t and whup the crip's ass
by Cameron November 19, 2003
1. A very cool name meaning the end of the end in a spectacular war between dragons, giants and gods.

2. The best looking and most powerful space craft ever in the Final Fantasy Series (FF8).

3. My nickname
by Cameron October 22, 2003
n. 1. not your anus!
2. A small (or big) opening on the bottom (or top if I'm some sort of alien) of my ass.
Taking a trip to my anus is more dangerous than climbing Mt Everest.
by Cameron May 30, 2004
An over-rated game system, with processors possibly equal to the first playstation, and lesser graphics to gamecube and X-Box. It also has a small number of exclusive hit titles. Sorry, but theres no lies there.
PS2 is inferior.
by Cameron July 30, 2003
This is what happens when you get really drunk, shit yourself, and don't remember it the next day. Extra points awarded when wjowsa is found in the noun form of the word on furniture or walls/ceilings.
Andy's parents walked in as he wajowsaed in the kitchen sink. Andy was so drunk last night he left wjowsa in the dinning room chair.
by Cameron January 14, 2005
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