71 definitions by cameron

verb - a word used to describe the act of a violent hit; being jolted in a destructive nature
"Mack this shit!"
by cameron January 01, 2004
to knee someone in the side of the leg effectivlly giving them a charlie horse
Fuck that asshole dinged me
by Cameron March 21, 2004
gay anal fuck. comes from internet. first spoken on warcraft three
you and your boy friend are probibly gafs. (OR) you stupid gaf
by cameron August 01, 2004
Raging Butt Sex
Hey, I'm coming over for some crazy RBS.
by Cameron May 27, 2004
Ray's chest hair
Man, look at sasquatch on him today!
by Cameron March 31, 2003
Awesome ska band. I mean, they're so good to hear it.
"Look at me, I'm an awesome ska band. CATCH22"
by Cameron November 11, 2004
when one is so drunk or beyond drunk if you will
yo kid i was so jammmmeeeddd last night!
by cameron March 30, 2004

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