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71 definitions by cameron

a man who cuts down trees to for the basis for a new house lot
Gizztree was out again!
by Cameron March 31, 2003
1 4
federation internationale de l'automobile. A larger association that basically governs many motor sports including formula 1 and the wrc.
The FIA has set out new rules for formula 1.
by Cameron November 21, 2004
37 42
When male is having sex with a female, when suddenly he pinchs her breats as hard as he can, and pulls his penis out and slams it into her anus while yelling "Pinchers of Pow!"

Asian kid from Goonies style.
Justin gave Kayla a Pinchers of Pow.
by cameron May 03, 2004
6 12
When you walk in to a room and can't remember why you went into that room.
Going into the pantry to get a loaf of bread, I phipped, and just stood there unable to recall why I was staring into the pantry.
by Cameron March 12, 2004
2 8
an adjective used to describe an attractive female on the campus of the University of Texas
That girl is ooglie booglie
by cameron December 12, 2003
5 11
Used in the lollercaust. Kind of like Zyklon-B, but you know...funny.
"oh my god why are you poisoning those people!"
"It's Zyklol-B!"
by Cameron May 27, 2005
6 13
a derogitory term used much like Douche Bag oly the flap of skin between your asshole and genitals
You Fucking Gouche Bag
by Cameron March 21, 2004
16 24