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typically a fat kid who trips balls on little amount of shrooms going to extreme levels such as constantly yelling, putting head in mailbox, pissing everyone off and saying he was tripping before he ate them because he was thinking about it. the tool who changes in appearance and personality to what ever group he suddenly joins having gotten getting kicked out and becomes a hypocrite. they love food more than their life and dont take shirts off on beach and are very big tools. they usually emphasize the word WOAH! whenever they are drunk or on some drug. they also make quiet meow sounds that you have to pay attention to hear.
yo that new kid that just transferred to our school is a complete herb, he showed up to school in a mustang wearing a leather jacket. what the fuck?

stop talkng to that kid hes a total hurb. cant you see him trying to suck those varsity players dicks and let them use him?

dude your drinking outta a keg by yourself your a total herb
by cam zaaaaa April 29, 2011

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