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1 definition by calzonekid

super populated (12,000) shithole in Hudson County, NJ that is 3x8 blocks consisting of central american illegals and 5th generation white trash drunks.. Acts as a North Bergen write off (aka bitch town) to make sure West New York scumbags don't end up wyling in the nice part of north bergen... the greaseball ginny mayor della donna got convicted on corruption charges and is serving a long sentence in some federal pound me in the ass prison.

The local economy revolves around Father and Son Pizza and Bennys Deli/Liquors.. A nightly occurence is the GPD alerting WNYPD to a 'situation' Which pretty much means some West New York assholes are on the prowl and they cant respond until QuikChek serves their sandwich
66th WNY homie 1 : Damn nigga, its 1:47am.. Run to bennys in guttenberg and grab a dutch..

66th WNY homie 2 : yoooo, i'm smoking you out... the least you can do is get the dutch you bum ass nigga..

66th WNY homie 1: word you right.. spot me a dollar?
by calzonekid May 17, 2009