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another word for timberlands shoes. Usually and normaly worn by dark skined people.
hey look at mah new Timmy Tim's dere anit notin like it.
by call me T December 12, 2005
also known as a Sex party. Muilti Mattresses are layed out and everyone just goes at once and starts haveing sex. Sometimes a person can end up with having more then just one partner at a time.
FLYER PARTY! eveyone better come...even u pretty ma'ma
by call me T February 08, 2006
also known as a Boob screw or a Boob Fuck. where the boy and girl are totally naked and the boy climbs on the girl putting his dick inbetween her Boobs moving back and forth. so it makes a hotdog, with the boobs being the bun and the penis the dog. Ends with cumming on her. aka the mustard.
boy: so do u want a hotdog?
girl: only is it comes with mustard.
by call me T February 16, 2006
when a guy goes down on a girl, eating out, and she is on her monthly period... Just like snowballing because afterwards the guy makes out with the girl
I was just planning on snowballing with her but she was on period we we ended up fire balling
by call me T September 14, 2006

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