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A situation in which a retarded and possibly homosexual teacher mumbles resulting in the noises which produce the word 'top nobit' - i.e. When a teacher talks shit they are top nobiting.
" Man todays lesson was shit, Dr. Joker was just top nobiting "

by calki April 27, 2007
Calki - A pale and partially retarded character who has the mind of a calculator, usefull to his friends becuase he can work anything out, usually short and cute and very amusing
"Man calki is fuking halarious!"
"Man jeremy is such a calki he can work anything out!"
by calki April 27, 2007
Top nobit a time when a teacher or professor (possibly a mong) is talking so much shit that he mumbles all his words into one incoherent sound = "top nobit" he then proceeds to saying that he has no idea what ur tlking about cause he is retarded.
- "Bla bla bla mumble mumble mumble...Top Nobit"

_"Man that lesson was pants what the truck was he tolking about...he was top nobiting all F**** day"
by calki April 27, 2007
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