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1 definition by calixto1973

the greatest player ever to set foot on a football ground. best even than pele. he, alone, won a world cup for argentina (mexico 86) and leaded the team to first runner up the following world cup (italy 90). although brits consider him a cheater, they can´t deny that they´re simply jealous about a man like that. not beckham, no rooney, no owen, no charlton, no whomever the fuck will appaer will match his greatness. sorry lads, better luck next life!
lineker: -oh, there goes maradona...
beckham: -don´t mind him, he´s a cheater...
lineker: -are you a fag? since when did you care about shit like that? don´t you understand that i was completly shocked by his performance. he´s the greatest player ever.
beckman: -yeah, but, did maradona ever fuck a girl like mi chavette posh?
lineker: -he´s coming from your home, where he fucked her and let romeo and brooklyn watch just for fun.
by calixto1973 July 24, 2006