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A derogatory name for UC Davis, used by some disgruntled moron on UrbanDictionary who speaks poor English, hates Asians, and can't spell Berkeley correctly. UC Davis students are among the most laid-back and friendly students in the UC system, and the education and research opportunities are top notch -- well worthy of the UC label.
The other guy: I hate UC Gay-vis. Forever.

Me: Then don't go there.
by calif2011 March 14, 2011
1. A governor from the state of California whose radical views earned him the name Moonbeam back in the '70s and early '80s

2. Replacement for the Governator
Will Governor Moonbeam save California? Stay tuned...
by calif2011 January 05, 2011
UC Davis's main rival across the causeway. Founded in 1947 as Sacramento State College, on the current site of Sacramento City College , and later moved to its current 300 acre campus (between Highway 50, Howe Avenue and the American River). It was officially given university status (and its current name) in 1972.

For the Fall 2005 semester, CSUS had 27,932 Students (82% Undergraduate), ranging from 13-84 years of age; with a median age of 23.

While commonly referred to as Sac State and Sacramento State University, California State University, Sacramento is its official name. The University president had been trying to officially change it, but dropped the issue due to campus resistance in March of 2005. However, he asked for the media to refer to it as Sacramento State. On Sept. 1, the university unveiled its first official logo, with the Sacramento State branding, further adding to the naming confusion.
The UC Davis - Sac State rivalry is played out annually through the Causeway Classic football game. The Cal Aggie Band-uh takes the rivalry quite seriously and is known to wear shirts that exemplify it. Saying "Sac State" around a Band-uh nerd is likely to trigger the exclamation "SUCKS!" The UC Davis Football team was undefeated against the Sac State Hornets from 1999 (the same year that Prince reached his partying climax) through 2007. The Aggies humiliated the Hornets 30-16 in 2006 and won 31-26 in 2007. The Hornets won the next two contests, winning 29-19 in 2008 in the inaugural Causeway Classic game at Aggie Staduim. The Aggies lost in 2009, in heartbreaking fashion at Hornet Staduim. The Aggies had a lead for nearly the whole game, then completely fell apart late. The final was 31-28 in favor of Sac State. In 2010, the Aggies beat Sac State 17-16 after a 47 minute lightning delay at halftime.

ref: daviswiki.org
by calif2011 March 05, 2011
Home of the Davis Center for Social Progress and Human Advancement, otherwise known as The University of California at Davis. From day one, students who had 4.0's in high school are blasted with socialistic and communistic propaganda. Also, UC Davis has an 80% graduation rate, and the majority of classes are curved. So, 20% of the students at UC Davis have to fail, no matter what. While not as effective as Berkeley, this propaganda reaches a majority of students, leading many to have inferiority complexes and bouts of depression when they realize how greedy their desire to achieve is.
Thank God I'm about to graduate UC Davis, and I can't wait to get as far away from here as I can. It is said that many who graduate here don't become particularly successful in life, and I can see why. I defy that claim, and I plan to become very successful and make a shitload of money. Call me greedy if you want.

For current UC Davis students, I honestly hope the best for you. Resist any limits the faculty and staff here may try to impose upon you, and resist the complacent attitude that is so prevalent out here. For those considering UC Davis and have dreams of a big future, run away as fast as you can. Go to a school that emphasizes the practical concepts of hard work and personal achievement.
by calif2011 May 27, 2011
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