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2 definitions by calibabe5490

A combination of the words "nom" as in "om nom nom" (used to describe the sound you make when eating something tasty) and "amazing". -Basically meaning a food that is so amazingly delicious that there's no other word to describe it except for "nomazing".
Pronunciation: Nom-azing.
Lindsey: "If you will allow me a moment to gloat, I just have to say that I make the best d*** pulled pork everrrr!"
Aidan: "I will definitely allow you to gloat because pulled pork is nomazing."
by calibabe5490 July 31, 2011
Adverb of 'sketchtastic' -the combination of 'sketchy' and 'fantastic'. To move around in a sneaky way trying to stalk someone without him or her noticing, all while doing it in a fantastic manner.
Hold on a sec, I'm moving from room to room sketchtastically in order to get a picture of my ex in an awkward situation. Hope he doesn't see me.
by calibabe5490 July 14, 2011