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To use two condoms instead of one. On the dirtiest ho's it's a good idea to wear a hazard suit instead.
Did you see that skank? I'll hit that but not first without double wrapping.
by calducciano May 13, 2005
An expensive thick condom used in leiu of double wrapping that you use on girls that might have critters.
You picked up a girl from that dive bar? Damn man you better wear a hazard suit.

OH GOD! $7 for a damn hazard suit and it had a hole in it. I got crabs, the clap and a bun in the oven... <baaam> <thud>
by calducciano May 13, 2005
A metaphorical award of achievement with army overtones for the accomplishment of having anal sex with a girl for the first time.
Did you hit that ass last night? hell yeah Yo! little Ronald just earned his brown stripes everyone! thanks man

Yo man, I earned my brown stripes last night.
by calducciano May 13, 2005
pronounced gim-pel-schlowsed

To be drunk off one's gord.
I'm too gimpleßläused to walk so I think I'll drive.

Larry was too gimpleßläused to realize that he slept with his own father that night.
by calducciano May 13, 2005

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