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to not attend or miss something or an event
1.i snoozed school today,im so cool
2.you should have been to that party last night.sorry,i snoozed.
3.omg u missed mid-terms,now u have to take them during that linkin park concert.awww man,i thought they were next week,i wish i hadnt snoozed.
by calcy December 28, 2007
almost a fatass;pretty chubby.if u call a fuh tass a fuh tass,they take it as fat ass.you can set things straight.
dude:hey fuh tass
chubby dude:hey thats not cool,im not that fat
dude:not fatass,fuh tass
chubby dude:ohh,ok
by calcy December 27, 2007
the opposite of sleep in;waking up to early
i hate when i sleep out on the weekend,but my mom made me get up
by calcy December 28, 2007
something to say when you're caught doing something you're not supposed to
1.dude:i really like these sun glasses,but i dont have any money.
another dude:you have fingers don't you
employee:hey get back here
dude:it's the cops
2.ben:lets put a flaming bag of shit on tat dude's porch
the dude's mom:that wasnt very nice
ben:it's the cops
by calcy December 28, 2007
adjective for those 14 year old wanna be pop stars,who enjoy being called a hoe.i da ho
IDAHO!!!!!!!!!!!!(preppy girl voice)
by calcy December 27, 2007
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