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Green Jellÿ is a band that started in 1981 in New York and has had a ridiculous number of band members; maybe around 104. Their original name was Green Jellö but had a legal battle with the company and was forced to change their name.

CD's include: 333, Cereal Killer, along with some singles that are nearly impossible to find anywhere. Their song titled "The Bear Song," from the album 333, is in the movie Dumb and Dumber.

Part of their goal as a band was to perform bad music/lyrics and have confused audiences. They prevailed!

GWAR is another band related to Green Jellÿ.
One Green Jelly song is Misadventures of Shitman - "Walking through the plant today, scooping up what gets away. It's poo poo, poo poo."
by calaverasgirl August 22, 2010
A county in California about 30 minutes east of Stockton, but nothing like Stockton, and is part of the foothills to the Sierra Nevadas. The countryside varies greatly from sparse oak trees to pine meadows with snow in higher elevation. There are a lot of drug problems including alcohol and methamphetamine. Many beautiful rivers, caverns, and rich historical sites and remnants reside in the county; even those of a disgraceful history of our treatment towards Native Americans and Chinese immigrants. Caves exist all over properties and there are even a few you can visit. It is easy to get bored living here since there are not a lot of things to do at night or in social atmospheres outside of the home. The people are interesting, many different groups, and you will be sure to get pulled over going faster than the posted speed limit. There are many back/dirt roads and small areas that are off the main roads. The FrogJumps is what we call our county fair and we actually jump frogs, not sure if we still do today but we did. Calaveras is a cool place, definitely can be boring, and the people who live here have a lot of pride and identity associated with the place.
I wanted to prove that people from Calaveras County can spell - unlike the two who posted before me.
by calaverasgirl January 09, 2010

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