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4 definitions by cakehoe

a code word for marijuana
we need to buy some time
by cakehoe July 13, 2008
9 3
a wealthy person who does not live at the lake but owns a cottage and/or boat there. most travel a minimum of an hour to inconveniently make the lake busy as hell. lakers make the gas prices go up and increase the summer population by 200%.
laker: "i just bought a boat that i don't know how to drive. can you show me to the nearest marina with the most expensive gas, since i can afford it, so i can fill my 2 boats and 7 jetskis?"

local: "you must be a laker."
by cakehoe July 13, 2008
13 9
an annoying entry at urban dictionary.
the word is usually someone's name, ex. sarah, jeffery, hans, etc.
then they go on to describe this person, that no one knows, for unknown reasons.
these entries should ALWAYS be rejected in the editing forum. even if you know sarah. k.
examples of urbdicnaming:

a whorebitch who steals boyfriends and likes cock in her mouth at all times.

coolest kid at school. gets laid easily and always.

hans: the man at video games, especially cod4, owns noobs at all times, video game god
by cakehoe July 21, 2008
3 1
can be replaced by "you know what i mean?"
"did you get the new issue of cosmo with the 5 page spread on...ya figgin deal me?"

"yeah i tried a few of those positions."
by cakehoe July 16, 2008
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