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2 definitions by caitie b

The New Pornographers are a Canadian indie rock/power pop band. They are really awesome, but unfortunately, not too many people outside of Canada and the US know who the hell they are. Yet.

They're kind of strange at first. They take a few listens, but its worth it! Cause their music is sweet and it makes you happy.
Me: Have you listened to The New Pornographers? They're pretty great, you should check them out.
Random guy: ROFL!!1! WTF, you said PORN!!! HAHAHA!
Me: stfu.
by caitie b April 29, 2008
A whore for unnecessary lolz.
Me: Hey
lol whore: Hi lol
lol whore: LOL
Me: um, how'd you go on that final exam?
lol whore: i failed it miserably lol.

lol whore: Heyyy! lol.
Me: hello.
lol whore: haha lol, what did you do today?
Me: My grandmother's funeral.
lol whore: oh ok...lol

Someone who lolz for no reason at all.
by caitie b September 10, 2008