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a deodorant that tobi vail wore, kurt cobain dated vail at the time he wrote the song. when vail and cobain were at his house kathleen hanna took a can of spray paint and wrote that "kurt smells like teen spirit", that vail had worn off on cobain. kathleen hanna was in the band bikini kill with vail.
"kurt smells like teen spirit"
by cait December 08, 2003
Yella is used by American back-country folk in place of the word "chicken," when "chicken" is being used in a derogatory manner.
"Aww, don't wanna fight? Yur' Yella!"
by Cait February 22, 2005
1) Perfect
2) beautiful
3) Best Guitarist
4) original
5) sent from heaven
i *heart* jade...hes the only guy i wanna see in pink!
by Cait October 03, 2003
A bottle opener with a picture of a Pope on it
Yo, pass me the Popener
by Cait November 23, 2004
attraction derive from an individual's debate skills, no physical appearance
Though he was fugly he had won many national debate tournaments, so she had GDS for him
by cait November 13, 2003
Wen ur seriously pissed, out of ya face
Also c gatta
Lets get gattered tonight
by Cait July 22, 2004
Partener of Spike in Cowboy Bebop. Bebop's answer to Daisuke Jigen from Lupin III.
Name: Jet Black
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
by Cait December 09, 2003
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