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a very awesome movie, this movie and apocalypse now are the two best nam movies of all time
"where you from private?"
"sir, texas sir"
"Texas?, Only steers and queers come from texas, and you dont look like no steer:
"how tall are you private?"
"sir 6'1'' sir"
"I didn't know thy stacked shit that high"
by caedes venatus January 03, 2005
1. A tasty gum of many differently flavored and colored sticks.
Zebra Gum is so tasty.
by caedes venatus January 10, 2005
one of the greatest movies ever, no one ever looked so badass while wearing a suite, oh and adam you can shut the fuck up
say what again i dare you mother fucker.
now, what does marcellas wallace look like?!


does he look like a bitch?!



does he look like a bitch?!

noo nooo

they why'd you try to fuck him like one?
by caedes venatus January 03, 2005
1. crappy version of metal that revolves around breakdowns.
2. Stupid people who listen to hardcore because they dont know any good metal, and are close to emo, and usually think that they have to put giant X's on thier hands to show the world how they are straightedge.
3. stupid music and stupid people
hey look at those hardcore kids, what a bunch of pussies who have no musical taste thats worth listening to
by caedes venatus January 03, 2005
a very good artist/ slash mucisian

his songs include wild world, seasons in the sun, and some of the music of rushmore

he also changed his religion to islam and gave money to terrorists and is now banned from the u.s.
wow cat stevens is awesome
by caedes venatus January 03, 2005

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