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Term used to describe the female breasts under a form fitting sweater, preferably a tight turtleneck made of cashmere or merino wool.
Did you see Keri today? She's prancing around the office showing real nice sweater meat in a tight red turtleneck.
#sweater puppets #chesticles #tight clee #tig ol bitties #tetas
by Cab Callaway January 27, 2006
An ass-booger that makes for great rolling and flicking, having a characteristically rubbery clay-like texture due to being largely made up of fecal matter.
While watching TV, I enjoy the simultaneous pastime of plucking the dingleberry, or 'dingle' from my rectal ring, often time plucking the pubic follicle along with it. After the decadent act of flicking it on the carpet, the reward is that you can smell your finger for quite sometime afterwards, relishing the memory, and anticipating the next dingle.

"Stinky, the poop man, was a smelly runny soul, with a brown top hat, and a turd-nose, and two eyes made out of dingle"
#dingle #ass-booger #pick and flick #rolling #berry
by Cab Callaway January 03, 2006
When instead of having a specific portion of food, you keep chipping away at it, usually evenly around the edges, making the portion smaller, while not accepting that you are having some.
What happened to this cake? I swear it was bigger a minute ago. Looks like food erosion.
#food #serving #grazing #eating #fat
by cab callaway July 23, 2010
The lower bulge of fat that protrudes below the belt line on obese women though men can certainly display a large poofdie as well. Often accentuated by a long zipper or pleats. Sometimes there is a single poofdie, or a double-wide poofdie. The creation of it is often the result of pants pulled up way to high, giving the illusion of a very small torso since the belt is often in contact with the breast/chest area and the belt is way above the belly button zone.
Ralph's a poofdie lovin chubby chaser. If the chick has a large poofdie, he's all over it.

Did you see that guy's poofdie!!?!?!?? When's the last time he's seen his johnson?
#lower belly #second belly #low-gut #pouch #poof #poon
by Cab Callaway March 01, 2006
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