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Skanky girls with over inflated egos. They almost always bare the ubiquitous small-of-the-back tattoo (aka: tramp stamp) and usually work at places like Hooters, or strip clubs. These girls have learned to use their "sex appeal" to get what they want from men. They tend to be self-obsessed, narcissistic, and typically have little or nothing to offer in terms of intellectual stimulation. The notion that a heterosexual male would not find her attractive has never entered her mind; but when she's a forty-year-old alcoholic, going home with anyone drunk enough to leave with her, she may begin to realize her uselessness as a human being.
Hooters girls are only stripper pretty.
by c_anderson April 05, 2006
Band from the mid-nineties that signaled the beginning of the end for alternative music.
Have you heard the new hootie and the blowfish album? Wow! They really suck!
by c_anderson February 01, 2006
Lacing is an unusual sexual perversion in which a man ejaculates into the food of unsuspecting people. The lacer gets sexual gratification from watching people unknowingly swallowing his semen.
After lacing the hot fudge, Stewart watched in silence while his neighbor's daughter devoured every bite of her ice cream.
by c_anderson February 01, 2006

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