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The act of becoming lagged: Because broadband is much like crack, we need access to it 24/7. When our gloriously fast connection slows by mere milliseconds we become irate and frustrated. In some instances, a feeling of malcontent creeps into the soul of the afflicted. Time and reality is distorted beyond recognition. This is what is common referred to as "lagging" in the gamer world. Lagging has been associated with the mysterious and random creation of acronyms such as STFU and WTF. Beware of those suffering from this affliction. Warping, twitching, and team genocide are common side effects of lagging.
Lagging will cause you to make irrational decisions, and incoherent statements such as: "I’ve been lagging ever since my mom called someone from china."
by cTaylor July 23, 2004
Getting tired of the same old slang terminology for sleeping such as "take a disco nap," "crash," or "40 winks?" Try new and improved fo' shoozie my snoozie! It's chalked full of snoopdogganese, and good for your colon! Proper English translation: For certain, I shall promptly engage in some much needed rest.
You look tired, are you going to bed now?

- Fo' shoozie my snoozie!
by ctaylor July 26, 2004
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